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Gender Specific Influence

Experiment 2 graphs
In the second experiment we tested if men and women were affected differently by a subliminally presented sexual symbol (a penis). The first graph on this page shows the distribution of ratings of the red picture (where the penis was presented subliminally in the experimental group).
The difference between the male and female experimental groups is significant (see here). However, the difference between the male experimental and control groups is not. But neither is the difference between the male control group and either of the female groups.

Compare this with the green graph below. These are the results from rating another similar picture to the red one, but in this case no subliminal material was presented. It shows a similar pattern between the control groups, and no difference between the experimental groups in appraising this picture. This indicates that the difference found in the red picture is due to the introduction of the subliminal stimuli (penis).

At the bottom of the page the table that produced these graphs is displayed.